24h of Dubai 2008


 We finished 41. A respectable place after changing the gearbox

A lot of pictures can be seen in our Gallery


Here a small timetable written during the Race 2008:


Still 4hours 30min to go. After a hard rainy night we won some positions. During the night, there were a lot of code 60, so we couldn't force. On the track there were heavy conditions because of the rain. Fred :"It's like on a river". Nicolas is on the road now and Uli and Fred will follow him.


After 6 hours of racing our 3rd gear was gone. We had to change the gearbox. 1 hour 15 later, the boys did a great job. We are racing again on position 73, with Uli in the cockpit.


Our second pit stop is done, so now it's Nicolas who's driving
After 4 hours of racing we are 34th of 87


We just finished our first stop, Frederic has started the race, now Jean-Marie is in the car, and after that it's Nicolas who will be driving ito the sunset. More pics of our pitstops and the night will arrive



DUWO Racing at the Welcome Party


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