VLN 8 + 9 2018: Last two VLN races of the season 2018, Dylan Pereira and Carlos Rivas did their Nordschelifen permit.

Successful weekend and happy with the performance of the car.

VLN89 2 VLN89


24h Silverstone 2018: We finished P2 in our class P7 in overall.

A good weekend with difficult weather conditions.

DUWO Racing 24h Silverstone 2018 IMG 8179 DUWO Racing 24h Silverstone 2018 PFDX8615


24h Dubai 2018: We finished P4 in our class CUP1 and P10 out of 31 in the Touring Cars and P48 out of 91 cars in overall.

Some minor issues prevent us from making it to the podium 

1 2


12h Spa 2017: After changing the Turbo we finished P38 and 7th in the CUP1 class

We are 2017 CUP1 24h Series Champion and JeanMarie Dumont and Nicolas Schmit are the CUP1 driver champions 2017

PFDX5558  PFDX2684 



24h Barcelona 2017: We won our class CUP1. After having a break failure in the last hour of the race we lost 4 places in the overall classification which give us P21 after 24h.



24h Paul Ricard 2017: We finished P17 in overall and won our class. It was a good weekend with only two minor problems and no contacts on the track.

DUWO Racing 24h Paul Ricard 2017 2 DUWO Racing 24h Paul Ricard 2017 1


24h Silverstone 2017: We finished P20 in overall and P4 in our class. After having spend more than 3hours in the box for reparation work.



24h Dubai 2017: We finished P5 in our class CUP1 and P56 in overall. We spend to much time (1hour 30min) in the box due to repairs after contacts, but we were able to finish the race.

24h Dubai Freitag 014 24h Dubai Donnerstag 030


24h Barcelona 2016: We finished P1 in our class CUP1 and are champions 2016 in the 24h Series CUP1 Class.

24H Barcelona 2016 020 24H Barcelona 2016 083

IMG 2886


24h Silverstone 2016: We finished P2 in our class CUP1 and 12 out of 41 cars in overal.
DUWO's first race at the home of British Motorsport

24hSilv2 24hSilv1


24h Dubai 2016: We finished P2 in our class CUP1 and 47 out of 100 cars in overal.
It was a great week in Dubai and we are happy to go back in 2017



24h Barcelona 2015: We finished P2 in our class A5, P1 in the CUP1 and P32 in overal.
Barcelona you were awsome !!!
And Gustav has won the Cup1 drivers competition.

Auto Podium


24h Paul Ricard 2015: After 24h P2 in our Class and P26 overall of 58 cars.

A good weekend at the beautifull track of Paul Ricard

  MG 1094



12h Zandvoort 2015: Again unlucky weekend. P2 after 11h and 45min but an other car crashed into us and after 10min of repair we finished 4th in our Class.

We hope and need more luck for the rest of the season.



Cup 2 Race: Bad luck at Zolder for the 2nd Race of BMW M235i Cup Race.

After Pole Position and leading the race for almost 90 min we lost 8min in the box due to a mecanical failure. In the last 30min Dylan could'nt improve his postion. Finaly P10

image  image1 


Cup 1 Race: First Race of the Season, Trophée des Fagnes in Spa Francorchamps

P5, happy with the performance of the car

 MG 0153 Spa 100